Surgical Procedures

Mr Hutchinson is an orthopaedic consultant and spinal surgeon who operates on all regions of the spine including the neck, the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine.

Treatments offered range from injection therapy, to minimal invasive surgery, through to major reconstruction surgery. He is one of the few spinal surgeons in the country who offers both anterior, posterior approaches to the spine (through the chest or abdomen or directly from behind).

Treatment philosophy
  • Finding exactly the cause of the patients pain and problem
  • Understanding and explaining the natural history of the condition. This involves explaining to the patient and the family what is likely to happen if no treatment is instigated, including the worst case and best case scenarios
  • Explaining to the patient and their family why the problem has arisen and what caused it, being environmental, genetic, traumatic or due to infection or tumor
  • Explaining all the treatment options available, ranging from physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractice through to injection therapy or major surgery if required